K7 Jewellery haul


Hello guys!
You should know by now that I love jewellery/body jewellery, The lovely people at karmase7en asked me if i wanted to review any of the products...
KarmaSe7en is a unique jewellery/body jewellery place that sell nose piercings, ear studs, plugs/tunnels, other body piercing items even storage boxes to keep them all safe in!
They also have a buy one choose one for free on everything! Which is awesome.
They sent me:
.4 mixed colour jeweled nose studs (revolution pack) £5.99
.Sillicon plug hider 12mm, £2.49
.Violet heart crystal ear studs £3.99
.Bioplast nose piercing retainer £1.95
.Wood plug, cat £3.95
.Wood plug, stars £3.95
.Retro storage box, record player £6.99

I was super excited receiving this parcel, everything is perfect!
and adds a different level to my jewellery,
the plug hiders & the nose piercing retainers are so perfect if your going to work/school/college/wherever your going, where your not aloud to wear showable piercings, Iam pretty happy with these especially as I have just got a new job where you are not alot to wear piercings that show...so these defiantly will come in perfect, also they are super affordable, compared to other piercing shops/sites and they're great quality!

The revolution packs are a great way to save money aswell as building your collection more, they have a range of different packs, these are only £5.99 for 4 nose studs which i feel is a great deal and now i dont have to be boring and wear the same stud all of the time ;)
These super cute violet heart shape crystal cluster ear studs, are not only my favourite colour!
But the size of them, normally you get studs but they are either way too big or too small, i find these are just smaller than a average earring which i love! I also love the sparkle details inside the hearts they remind me of something out of space, they have different designs from cute penguins to simple crystal studs...love!
To my favourite items,
The hand painted wooden plugs and the retro record player storage box,
The wooden plugs are soo groovy and awesome, The `stars` plug is such a lovely colour, I also love the pattern,
How cute is the `cat` plug? Its a shadow of a cat sitting on a tree branch, i love simple but stylish designs.
lastly the awesome retro record player jewellery storage box, how cool does this look? It reminded me of an item you can buy from Urban Outfitters which is one of my all time favourite shops, but this box is alot cheaper and still great quality, they have all different cool designs from a gum ball machine, Japanese lady, red telephone box and more great designs.
I highly recommend this site to all of you,
Super friendly people, super fast delivery also.
Thankyou so much to the super lovely people at Karmase7en!
& you guys for reading,
Hope you are having a lovely evening!
Love Gem


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