Count down to Christmas?

A jumper advent calendar? Best idea?
 Its the 23rd? How crazy!

Counting down the days until Christmas has never been so cosy!
I never knew you could get an advent jumper, not sure if this is just me?
You can get different ones from all different stores nowadays, but I got this one from Primark which cost around £14.00? You get a cute little Christmassy image behind all 25 doors, they're stuck on with Velcro so its super easy to place the doors back on to the jumper.
Okay you might think £14.00 for an advent calendar? But the great idea is that you can use it every year from now, so it would basically save you alot of money from not buying advent calendars every year ;)
I feel like this is such a great idea, for me, you, your sister/brother/granny/grampa? After Christmas if you see these advent jumpers, defiantly go and buy one for the next - they keep you soo soo warm and it will be after Christmas, so they will be reduced so saving you money ;)
I hope your having a lovely Christmas holiday & enjoying your advents...(if you have one)
Thankyou for reading!
Love Gem


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