`Do it in style`

Hey Girls/Guys,
A while back I had found out about a brand named snoodydo, Snoodydo is a knitted fashion lifestyle brand for women and men, they use fleece lining/insulation for the super cold days/nights, They had kindly sent me the:
*Mimi knitted double bobble hat (they're available in 3 different colours)
Honestly have never worn a beanie that is so comfortable and keeps my ears warm! It makes me want to fall asleep inside it...
I previously already bought a teddy style hat/double bobble hat from Riverisland a while back (as you may of seen) but its nice to have a range of colours and as much as I love the Riverisland beanie I have to say, the insulation in this beanie makes it so much more cosy.
Im so chuffed that I have this beanie as i do always seem to complain about the cold weather.
Defiantly go and check out the site!
Thankyou Snoodydo!
Iam still trying my best to keep up on my blog as you may know my SD card deleted everything a while back... (technology huh?)..
Thankyou so much for reading,


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