Receive anything lovely for Christmas?

Every year I get the same question, what did you get for Christmas? I decided to show you guys some of the lovely gifts I received.

Firstly a while back, long story short I broke my tablet by dropping it.. So I received a new one for Christmas which I was chuffed about as its so much easier writing up my blogs.. Thanks dad :) ..
I also received the Katy perry killer queen perfume as most of you know I love Katy perry!
I got the w7 in the night eye-shadow pallet, lip glosses, dinosaur Starbucks T-shirt, dove kit, Nivea sets, CDs, ed sheeran items, voucher's, makeup,  pug cushion & mug <3
I received other lovely gifts but got them after I took the picture's, Thankyou so much to Friend's and family!
Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas,
Thankyou for reading.
Love Gem


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