TanyaBurr cosmetics bag


I finally got my hands on the limited edition Tanya Burrs `merry kissmass cosmetics bag` 
How stunning is the bag?
You also get a lip gloss duo & eye shimmer pot,
.Pink lipgloss - Carousel
.Glitter lipgloss - Diamonds are a girls best friend
.Eyeshadow - Chandelier

If your still looking for these defiantly try feel unique, the original price is £10.50 which is a great price for how much you get, my favourite would have to be the chandelier eyeshadow it is so pigmented, such a gorgeous colour and perfect for new years eve also!
Out of the two lipglosses i would have to say my favourite would be the carousel pink gloss, normally i would go for the `non colour` lipgloss but as my lips dry out alot more in the winter, (they've actually been ok this season)  the feel of glitter on my lips doesn't really help, but its so pretty so, i can't help but still wear it now and then... ;D
Anyway Thankyou for reading,
Have you bought any TanyaBurr cosmetics this year?


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