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Burn calories from wearing hotwear clothing?

Looking to burn calories quicker?
This is the skirted anaconda in green, the neoprenefabric designs are made to retain body heat, it makes whoever's wearing these burn more and more calories and melts alot more so much faster than wearing regular sports/active clothing whilst working out or doing every day activities.
I dont wear them everyday, but when I wear them, I defiantly notice the difference, as soon as i take the pants of, you can defiantly feel the air to your legs, they keep my legs so warm, they're great to wear in this horrible cold weather even if your not working out!
You defiantly notice how much you've sweat once taken of the hot wear clothing (sounds disgusting but want faster results?)
They are comfortable, they also have a hidden inside Pocket which you could put your ipod, phone, keys in, they are available in 5 sizes!
Defiantly going to be wearing these alot more from now on,
Go and check all of the hotwear out!
Thankyou GotyGoty!
Thankyou for reading,
Love Gem


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