Bare English & Co lip balms review

Autumn/Winter months chapping/damaging your lips?

BareEnglish lip balms are tea infused, organic & 100% vegan,
they use the highest quality green tea, white tea, peppermint tea or rooibos tea made using premium organic ingrediants that are all natural!
You may be thinking to yourself.. why tea in a lip product?
Tea in skincare fights the effects of oxidation & environmental factors and also repairs damage, tea is natural without any irritation which makes tea infused cosmetics/skincare a super great choice for everyone/every skin type!

I was lucky to of been sent four of the lip balms, they sent me:
Juicy Peach (infused with white tea)
Lemon Meringue (infused with white tea)
Cucumber Melon (infused with green tea)
Sweet Peppermint (infused with peppermint tea)
they all smell divine, but my all time favourite would have to be the Juicy Peach, it smells so delicious/fruity, although if i was to pick the smell for christmas time, I would defiantly pick the Sweet Peppermint one, it smells like peppermint candy that would be placed ontop of the fire..mmm (making me more excited for christmas).
When your first applying the balm to your mouth, you can really feel the smoothness/softness, it stays on for a long length of time, obviously when eating/drinking you will need to re-apply the balm.
The packing is pretty cool,funky,stylish, colorful..
These lip balms are perfect for Autumn/winter/summer when your lips get more damaged from the changing of weather.
I reccomend these for you if you have dry/damaged/sore looking/feeling lips, or even if you wanted to buy a little present for someone!

I would one day love to try the mint chocolate (infused with peppermint tea), vanilla coconut (infused with green tea) & the cherry berry (infused with white tea)..& the new tinted balms which are coming out soon! they sound soo soo nice.
Thats it for now everyone!

Thankyou so much to English & Co. 
Thankyou for reading
Love Gem


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