Nanshy makeup brushes

Love makeup brushes? or not sure what brushes to buy?

Nanshy is a company that assembles by hand & sells makeup brushes/tools but theyre better than the average normal brushes you get, they are 100% Vegan & Cruelty free with no bristle shredding!

Nanshy really kindly sent me this package for me to play with/try, Firstly I would like to add.. the cute bag it came in, it also has a slight shimmer when in the light.. back to the brushes,
They had sent me the Precise Bent Eyeliner EB01 brush which is only £5.95 to buy online! Bargain..
For me I always have to do winged eyeliner, no matter where i go it always has to be winged eyeliner, So the first time using this eyeliner brush made applying eyeliner so easy & super quick, I have Never owned a eyeliner brush like this, all of my brushes i have are straight, this one is a bent brush which makes it so much easier to use.
They also sent me the Blending eyeshadow EB04 brush which is also a bargain at £5.95!
I never get on well with blending brushes as they seem to break on me/or never apply,blend as well as my index finger (oops) however when I used this brush for the first time, I was really happy with the results, The brush is super soft, Making the eyeshadow blending so much easier..The bristles stay in place & no shedding,  no need to use my index finger to apply/blend eyeshadow no more (yay)

All of the brushes are super pretty, elegant with a slight shimmer to them, any beauty guru would love these brushes as much as I do, They are also super affordable.
I highly recommend Nanshy to all of you (even if you wanted to buy christmas presents for your loved ones)

Thank-you so much to Nanshy for this lovely opportunity again,
Thank-you for reading,
Have a lovely evening
Love Gem


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