Jewellery of Lords

Jewellery of Lords is committed to provide the service that you used to get in the high street back in the day through their web-site through selling surfer, skater, festival, vintage, friendship, dressing up, everyday Jewellery 
from Body piercing jewellery to wedding favours, They have everything for everyone!

Jewellery of Lords really kindly sent me this lovely package that took less than a full day to arrive!
In the parcel i received the black 'Vintage tattoo choker' which is easy stretch to fit over your head,
The pattern is super pretty and I used to have one just like this (years & years ago) but i sadly lost it, So i was really happy when i received the lovely nylon choker, The tattoo chokers are coming back into fashion, I highly recommend that you should buy one of these if your looking around for a decent choker especially when they are only £3.99! 
which is so awesome and Alot cheaper than everywhere else..they also have loads of different colours!

I also received the "Hello kitty ear plug' 
I would firstly like to say that if you know me well, You would know how much i LOVE hello kitty and have done for many years now, so receiving this made me so happy (Oh Gem) 
It is a acrylic screw fitting plug like most normal plugs are, It fits comfortable in my ear lobe, no rubbing, super light. The prices are different depending how many you have and what size you choose,
My plug is a 12mm which costs £3.12 which i feel is a decent price especially for the quality of the plug and the comfort.

If your looking for quality, affordable & awesome jewellery look no further.. I recommend you have a look on the Jewellery of Lords web-site, Im sure you will find items you love!
Also.. if your looking for something special and can not find it on the site, you can send them a quick email including pictures of the thing you are after and they can see what they can do!

Anyway thats it for now.
Thank-you so much to Jewellery of Lords, 
I have had fun writing about your awesome products!
Thank-you everyone for reading
Have a lovely night 
Love Gem