w7 Makeup Review

Looking for high quality cosmetics at an affordable price?
Hello guys, firstly i would like to say Iam feeling slightly under the weather today, but when i got home and found this awesome package it perked me up..
The lovely people from aqua-pr http://www.aquapr.co.uk/ had sent me this generous package..
They had sent me four lovely makeup items from the w7 range http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk/ .
The items they sent me are:
The Purple haze eyeshadow pallet - £5.95
Zoom more volume mascara-black - £4.95
Automatic eye liner-black - £4.95
Kiss chase lipstick -Awesome - £4.95
I was super excited as the main items i use day to day are eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara & lipstick,
The purple haze eyeshadow pallet is super pretty & sparkly, i love that this pallet is super practical and you can use this pallet from day to night, i also love that it comes with a long eye-shadow/blending brush.. the applying of the eyeshadows are greatly pigmented aswell as staying wear although you may need to top up if you want more of the sparkle to show as the day goes on.  I wouldn't use this pallet everyday as Imo more of a nude colour person, but its great for when i go out at night.

The Zoom more volume mascara in black has a wide brush wand to give a more volume look than a normal mascara would, Firstly i would like to say that when i first used this mascara i loved it straight away, no clumps, no messiness.. super easy and quick to apply, gives the volume you want, if you want more volume, then apply more.. defiantly worth the money, to be honest i feel that it may worth slightly more? 

The Automatic fine eyeliner pen in black has a felt nib for no scratchiness & to apply easier, it is also waterproof which is super handy as my eyes always seem to run in the changing of weather, the people who know me, knows i always have to wear a flick eye everyday, so this is super handy.. 
it is super easy to apply and lasts for a long time however i would still rather like to use a liquid eyeliner brush rather than a felt nib as you get more detail using a eyeliner brush, but if you were in a hurry i would pick this up as it is quicker to apply than a liquid eyeliner brush.

The kiss chase lipstick, in the colour awesome, is a pretty pink, which also smells awesome.. 
the applying is okay, but you have to apply it more than once to get that perfect coverage/colour,
the colour is perfect for people who loves pink & for the summer times.. but for me red will always be my colour lipstick, i would of much preferred trying the vampire kiss lipstick as it is a gorgeous red,
but using this and a slight red to it is perfect!

I have had so much fun/excitement using/trying out these products, my favourite would have to be the Zoom mascara as it does wonders to your lashes without clumping..defiantly recommended  
Well thats it for now, hope your having a great evening,
thank-you so so much to the lovely people at the aqua-pr for sending me this great postage,
Thank-you for reading,
Love Gem