November Wish List

Hey guys, Welcome to this months fashion & beauty wish-list!
These are some of the awesome items I have discovered this month.. that took my eye & I just really need..Im sure you would too looking at them x

Firstly is the lovely faux leather biker jacker from topshop, Its getting to the point that you need something warm and cozy to wear, this would be the perfect jacket for the Autumn/Winter it also has a soft black faux fur collar, It is £58 but you would get a great use out of it especially living in England (silly English weather)

Secondly the Most prettiest lace hem crop top you will ever see, from Urban Outfitters, It has lace trimming to the hem & the shoulders with a flattering V-shape at the back perfect with a statement necklace & only £18!

Thirdly this gorgeous red lipstick from loreal (the colour riche collection) You can never go wrong with a pure red lipstick, especially in the Autumn/Winter time..Love..

These shorts from liquor n poker, they would look stunning with long cozy socks & boots ready for the autumn & winter, they-re also only £28!

Lastly from Jewellery of lords, this awesome dove choker, I love that you could add this to a autumn/winter outfit & for only £3.99! <3

Thats it for now,
Thank-you for reading
love Gem