BlanX teeth whitening review BlanX is a intensive whitening treatment for your teeth(no peroxide).
It has micro-crystals, it binds enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating a barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing.. Its ingredient lasts all day and then is activated by the light which then destroys dirt molecules on your teeth and then naturally whitens teeth... (super cool)

I dont have yellow teeth, but they went as white as i wanted them to be, so BlanX super kindly sent me two different treatments they were:
.BlanX white shock 50ml + LED accelerator with actilux (£7.50 in boots)
.BlanX white shock Treatment 30ml + LED bite with actilux (£15.99 in boots)

The BlanX white shock 50ml with LED accelerator with actilux stays on your teeth throughout the day it then reacts  to everyday light to whiten your teeth naturally... this contains a LED accelerator which then boosts whitening process/action of the actilux..
I feel that this is super handy if your going to stay over someone's and dont want to bring a whole treatment kit around in your bag, as the LED is in the toothpaste lid (super handy)
Pretty much the more you smile the whiter your teeth will be! It really works and gives you great results.

The BlanX white shock treatment 30ml = LED bite with extra actilux formula which works to get teeth up-to 4 shades whiter in only TWO weeks!
Every-time you use the LED bite use it for 1 minute everytime, but for more whiteness use it for 10 minutes once a week :)
Okay I would like to say that out of the two this is my favourite! the first time I used this, i brushed my teeth with BlanX just like you would when brushing your teeth normally, I then used the LED bite for 10 minutes to see if i would get any results.. as soon as i took the bite out of my mouth i defiantly noticed the difference straight away and was so impressed, I was just thinking to myself "why have i never tried this before?"
I will defiantly be purchasing more BlanX and using this LED bite when my blanx toothpaste has run out... It also helps get rid of staining (coffee/tea) of teeth!
I highly recommend this white shock formula for you who want to get whiter teeth straight away!
I didn't really like smiling before as i was afraid of showing my teeth, but now il smile whenever/wherever i want (Oh gemma..)
Also sorry for looking slightly rough, I still feel under the weather :(

Thats it for now,
Thank-you so much to BlanX iam so so happy with how my teeth look now!
Hope your all having a lovely evening,
Love Gem


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