Nair Argan Oil & Batiste review

Hate accidentally cutting yourself shaving or just dont have the time?
Dont have enough time to wash your hair? or you've washed your hair but still dont have enough vitality?
These two products are a must have if you dont have enough time to get ready but still want to look & feel great..
The new Nair argan oil shower power cream easily removes every unwanted piece of hair after just a few minutes of applying the cream, It keeps your body feeling so soft/smooth, suitable for sensitive & dry skin! Pain free.. (yay)
All of the creams like this I have tried in the past, I hated the smells of them all, but with this one I actually like the smell of it, it is cocoa butter so it smells alot better than all of the others!
The spatula is so easy to use, all you need to do is apply a thick, even layer of the cream..wait for a few minutes, test a small area with the spatula if the hair does not come of easily then leave for a few extra minutes.. remove the cream using the spatula then rinse immediately, So simple.
For £6.69 i think it is a good price, if you were to shave instead you will be buying razors and shaving cream/foam. so it will work out more..

The new Batiste care & vitality dry shampoo is enriched with mandarin oil, It quickly refreshes your dull looking/feeling hair ,
All you need to do is defiantly shake the bottle before every use!
Keep the bottle slightly away from your hair, spray into your roots, massage it through, spray lightly everywhere and brush through to coat every layer/strands of your hair and then style it as usual..I find that this is so handy for when you are in a rush to go somewhere and you dont really have the time to go and wash& dry your hair, it also smells amazing, It has a slight fruity smell to it.
I love all of the batiste dry shampoos anyway and i can safely say that I love this just as much as the other ones, also great value for money!

That is it for now,
Thank-you for reading guys!
Love Gem


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